Hula Hoop Class Playlist 5

Women in a dancing pose hooping with many multi cooured hula hoops

Before starting Spintaneous and setting up my own hula hoop classes a good friend of mine and I thought we might try our hand at DJing. With absolutley no experience or clue where to start we did what, I imagine, any superstar DJ does first. We came up with a stage name and tagline: The Bonnie Rockers (giving you the tunes you didn’t know you wanted)! Our aim was to just play good tunes, from any era, without prejudice. If the tunes were good enough, who would care that we had no technical ability?! And you know what? Folk loved it!

Anyway, that preamble, introduces week 5’s playlist because it’s full of Bonnie Rocker “Big Guns” – tunes you might have forgotten about but are reminder the second you hear them just how great they are. Enjoy!

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