Let the kids play!

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending a school to teach around 50 ten year olds hula hooping. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit anxious at first. I’ve taught kids hula hooping before, but never this many all at once and it was on the hottest day since the Summer of 1978!

But I loved it. And they loved it.

Hula hooping is at its essence play; the freedom to act uninhibited and without constraint. This is what I try to achieve in my regular hula hoop classes, I never want anyone to feel self-conscious or restricted when hula hooping. We’re there to play, to laugh, to interact and to just enjoy! Well, kids don’t need teaching that lesson. They just get it!

There’s a lot of pressure on children (and teachers) by our current education system and we need to remember how valuable childhood is; allow them to be free, to explore and to play.  And for the kids I taught last week, they needed that. With exams over and moving on from primary school after the Summer, they deserved some well earned play time and I was more than happy to provide it!


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